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" Every Employer has something unique that could create value to attract and retain the right talent"

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As an experienced creative expert specializing in Employer Branding and Employee Engagement, I have built-up over 15 years of invaluable experience working with numerous corporations.


Now, I have embarked on a self-employed journey, allowing me to channel my passion for employer brands and bring to life the multitude of ideas I have.

My journey into this profession began at Deloitte, where I had the privilege of witnessing the emergence of social media, blogging, community management, and employee ambassadorship as powerful tools for building a robust employer brand. It was an exciting time that yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by Deloitte's recruitment site winning multiple prestigious awards.

Following my years at Deloitte, I transitioned to Accenture, assuming the role of employer brand strategist for the Netherlands. This incredible opportunity enabled me to further enhance my expertise in the dynamic field of employer branding.

Subsequently, I joined Lidl, one of the world's largest global supermarket chains, where I led the Employer Brand and Employee Engagement team. The freedom and support I received at Lidl allowed me to exercise my visionary thinking and unleash my creativity in establishing a remarkable employer brand platform, resulting in substantial personal growth.

Now, as an independent expert, I am eager to share my knowledge and provide guidance to other companies striving to elevate their employer brands.


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“Our consumer brand is one with our employer brand. After all, every customer can become a new employee.”

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